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Connect the Microsoft tenant to the
Ctelo Business Phone Cloud


Add a new domain

1. Log in to Domains - Microsoft 365 Admin Center with a Global Admin account.

2. Find the domain in the list and copy the first string (

3. Click “Add domain” and type in the domain name below based on the region the location is being onboarded in.  Replace the yourco with the string from point 2. Click “Use this domain”

For European and African locations:

For USA, Canada and Mexican locations:

For Asian locations:


4. Select “Add a TXT record to the domains DNS records” and click “Continue”

5. Send the TXT name and TXT value using the form below. Return to the Add Domain wizard and click Verify as soon as Ctelo has confirmed that the DNS record has been registered.

Send the txt values to us:

Thanks for submitting!

6. Click "Continue"

7. Uncheck “Exchange and Exchange Online Protection” and click “Continue”

8. Click "Done"

Activate the new domain in Teams

9. Create a new user account.

First name = Blank
Last name = Blank
Display Name = Activation
Username = activation
Domain = The one created in point 3.  [yourco].[we1]

Click "Next"

10. Assign a license that includes Teams to the account and click Next, finish the wizard and close.

Good work, it is time for a break.
Wait up to 15 minutes for the new domain to be registered in Teams before going to next section.

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