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A Microsoft Teams App

Findit is your Microsoft Teams employee catalogue, making it easy to start an email, chat, call, book meetings and see the presence status of anyone of your colleagues. The Findit catalogue is a search tool that improves how the employees interact internally and respond to external queries.


Why Findit

Employees are spending more and more time interacting with others through Microsoft Teams. Internally and externally. Findit is designed to help small, medium-sized, and enterprise businesses to be more effective and professional in this communication.

The Findit Teams app is easy to use, with the search field always in focus to quickly add people and groups to the result list. The list displays a high-level calendar overview of free/busy time and Teams presence status. Calendar details are only shown for users that have granted each other access. Start a meeting invitation with the people on the list by double-clicking at the appropriate time in one of the calendars displayed. Hovering over the picture or name also shows contact information. You can 'Pop-out' Findit in a separate window with the square-arrow icon top right to have all co-workers' availability and contact information at hand. There are no prerequisites other than being a Teams user to have use of the app, but Teams Phone users have even more usability.

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Key benefits


  • A more efficient workplace
  • No more transferring calls to busy colleagues

  • Arrange meetings with ease

  • A complete overview of larger numbers of employees



Telephony user cases 


  • A phone call comes in, and the person you want to transfer to is busy. The caller wants to know when the person is available for trying again later.
  • A call comes in, and the person you want to transfer to is busy. The caller wants to talk to someone in that team (any team member). Find an available person in the group.


  • Quickly check the availability in a colleague's calendar


  • See when your team is available for a meeting


  • Find an employee and see their presence status


  • Initiate email, chat, video call or phone call from the hover window


  • Check for meeting room availability (Q2-roadmap)

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