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ROUTEAMS now available in 23 countries

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

Microsoft Teams Also

CTELO and ALSO expands market reach to include 21 new countries.

CTELO services have the last years been available for Norwegian and Dutch customers through Microsoft Resellers using the ALSO Cloud Marketplace. ALSO being one of Microsoft's top-rated and most successful cloud-focused Microsoft distributors in Europe.

Recently CTELO introduced ROUTEAMS to the market, a telecom independent and global Microsoft Teams Business Telephony Cloud. With this cloud service ALSO and CTELO now expands the European market presence through Also Cloud Marketplace to include in total 23 countries.

ROUTEAMS ordering and delivery automation through Also Cloud Marketplace will be the core focus for the go-to-market strategy for these countries, thus enabling Microsoft Resellers to accelerate the adoption of the business telephony capabilities in Microsoft Teams throughout Europe.


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