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Joachim Nilsen: “I wanted to be part of this journey”

Joachim Nilsen started as head of channel sales in Ctelo 1 September. He did some tinkering before accepting but had no doubts when he took the position. “I didn't want to read about the Ctelo success story in the newspaper. I want to be a part of it”, Nilsen says.

Joachim Nilsen´ former position was in sales in Würth Construction Services Norway, a large company with a safe size. However, he wasn´t slow in deciding to change pastures.

“After first contact I had a couple of meeting with the headhunter. I quickly realized that I wanted to be part of this journey. I didn't want to read about the Ctelo success story in the newspaper. I want to be a part of it”, Nilsen underlines.

New and exciting

There are some differences between selling equipment to the construction industry and selling Teams telephony.

“There has been steep learning curve. A lot of new concepts and expressions, and a completely new working methodology”, Nilsen says.

And the transition also had more to it.

“Würth is a large international organization, with 80,000 employees in 80 countries. This was a safe workplace, which was on my mind before accepting Ctelo. But when I weighed this up, I soon found out that I wanted to be part of something new and exciting. I then threw myself into it, and I haven't looked back since”, Nilsen says.

Building relationships

At the same time, his sales experience is a great steppingstone for success in Ctelo.

“I have succeeded creating trust with those I have built relationships with throughout my five years at Würth. This I bring with me to Ctelo”, he says.

For Ctelo CEO Jon S. Sjølie, the appointment of Joachim is perfect timing. He states that throughout the second half of last year and first half of this year, Ctelo has been establishing ground for Ctelo´s next steps.

“We developed our products until Christmas and built marketing initiatives after that. We are now in a phase where our sales capacity needs to increase. Hiring Joachim is the first step in an acceleration. In that sense, the fact that he came on 1 September, was absolutely perfect timing, says Sjølie.

Understands needs

According to Sjølie they have come further than expected with more customers on the block and even more in the pipeline.

“Joachim is extremely good at relationships and communication. There is nothing as important as this in a dealer context. He really understands what it takes to open doors. He was up and running already in his first week and led a customer meeting in the third. Here I participated from the side, and he did things exactly as I would’ve myself”, Sjølie says.

“He is 32 years old, and age is important. Both Jan and I are a bit older. We now need someone to take on the tasks with a bit more enthusiasm, who can do the job and speak in a language the dealers understand. Joachim is also a pleasure to work with every day. Some are just full of positive energy. Joachim is like that”, he adds.

Most importantly – sales skills

The picture Sjølie paints of what lies ahead of Ctelo now is strongly characterized by growth opportunities.

“Business Telephony 3.0 lies ahead of us, and Microsoft needs retailers to take this out. And we need someone who can support and process as many dealers as possible to target this”, says Sjølie.

He is no doubt that Joachim will succeed.

“Joachim comes from selling tools to the construction industry. But where you come from is not most important. The most important thing is your sales skills, and that you can withstand all technology changes, he says.

Possibility of lifting

The Microsoft Store can be compared to the Apple Store, but differs with its aim on the Business market

What really provides opportunities for a boost going forward is that Ctelo is a Microsoft Independent Software Vendor (ISV).

“We are determined to be a provider of cloud services with a focus on companies' specific operational needs. Companies and Microsoft resellers find our products in the Microsoft Store, where they can be ordered directly or added to an established agreement with the company's chosen Microsoft Licensing Partner”, Sjølie says.

Microsoft adds value

“Ctelo shows customers that Microsoft Teams covers the company's telecommunications needs. This means we have products and services which assist Microsoft customers in all phases of evaluation, implementation, and operations. We´ve spent the last eight to nine years achieving this”, Sjølie says.

Internationally, Microsoft manages all active products for customers and their Microsoft resellers through the company's own online marketplace.

“Now Ctelo's services can be ordered at the Microsoft Marketplace, Sjølie says.

Joachim is just the start

What makes Norway special, is that Norwegian companies are early adaptors to new solutions from Microsoft, and this opens the possibilities for Ctelo.

“For the first time, Microsoft gets an opportunity to offer a total phone solution to customers. In this way, we´re backing Microsoft globally. With our present acceleration we, we will probably need one or two more like Joachim shortly. I think he´s just the start, Sjølie concludes.


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