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IPnexia teams up with CTELO for Teams Telephony in Belgium and Luxembourg.

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

Microsoft Teams IPNexia

The Belgium and Luxembourg based telecom operator IPnexia have chosen CTELO, with Routeams - the Global Direct Routing Cloud Service, to connect their telco services to Microsoft Teams.

IPnexia CEO Michel Coric explains, "Being a telecom solutions provider, Teams Business Telephony was the next natural step for our portfolio. CTELO as specialists in this area gives us the support, confidence and value add services to provide a great IPnexia connected Teams solution."

IP Nexia is the best-in-class Integroperator™ enabling converged IP solutions for the business market. As a VoIP operator recognized by the IBPT and as an IP integrator, IP Nexia has a unique position in the market bringing the best IP integrated solutions to its customers.

"IPnexia is a solid, trusted and forward leaning telco in these markets that fully matches the telco grade Teams Business Telephony service that we are providing globally with Routeams", states CTELO CTO Jan Andre Solvang.

CTELO are Teams Business Telephony Specialists providing the global Microsoft Certified cloud service ROUTEAMS to add mobile and fixed-telephony to Microsoft Teams. It enables users to receive and make calls from the Teams clients and adds business telephony capabilities as for example receiving calls at the main number, switchboard, support-numbers and contact center.


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