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Updated: Jun 8, 2022

Ctelo has phenomenal expertise!

When Glamox needed a unified solution for telephony and call center, they chose to go with Ctelo. IT Operations and Security Manager Are Smørdal is very pleased with their choice.

- We couldn't be happier with the job Ctelo with Jan A. Solvang at the forefront has done for us. With phenomenal expertise on the part of Ctelo, the migration process was a breeze, both for users of telephony with Teams and customer center employees. We have done many projects recently and it is only with this one that I have not received a single problem or complaint afterwards, Smørdal praises.

Wanted a unified solution

Glamox is one of the world's largest manufacturers of light fixtures and lighting control systems, with presence and representation globally, from South Korea in the east to the United States and Brazil in the west. Are Smørdal says that Glamox began a renewal and digitization process five, six years ago.

"Among other things, we didn't have a dedicated CRM platform, an aging ERP system, and many different telephony systems. If we look at telephony in particular, this was managed locally, which caused difficulties with interaction and common solutions", says Smørdal.

- We first switched to Salesforce on the CRM side and we are still working on a very large ERP transformation. Then it became natural for us to also look at common solutions for corporate telephony and call centers. Since Microsoft Teams was also rolled out as the number one interaction tool in this process, it became perfectly natural to look at telephony in Teams as well as a part of our new solutions.

In other words, we were looking for a unified solution with telephony in Teams and an updated call center with Teams and Salesforce integration.

A phenomenal expertise

- We decided to find a partner who knew company telephony. We needed input on how it could be solved, first in Norway and then globally. Ctelo stood out as a natural candidate to talk to, and we were pleasantly surprised when they not only piloted us through telephony in Teams, but also took on our challenge on the call center side of things and probed the market for a good candidate for us, says Are Smørdal.

- After several reviews, testing and pilots we landed at Ctelo for telephony and Zylinc for call center with Microsoft Teams and Salesforce integration. Since we also moved from an on-site solution to everything in the cloud, this transition could easily be made without great risk. And with phenomenal expertise on Ctelo's part, the migration process was a breeze, both for Teams telephony and call center employees with Zylinc, Teams, and Salesforce.

Customer support at a new level

Are Smørdal is very pleased with the result of the new solution.

- The staff at our customer service center have all the information automatically collected and linked together in one place. They couldn't be happier.

For any call that enters our customer service center, a lookup is automatically made in Salesforce, which gives the agent access to all available information on the customer. Through the Teams integration, they also have the ability to interact with all Glamox employees directly. Customer support has simply been taken to a new level, says Smørdal.

- From an IT point of view, I still haven't heard any complaints or hints about problems with any of the corporate telephony solutions we chose. That is rare.


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