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Business Phone 3.0

Collaboration have changed people's communication behaviour
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Separate phone solution

  • Reception

  • Switchboard

  • Support

  • Sales

  • Administration

  • Status

  • Chat

  • Calls

20% calling


Microsoft Teams

  • Status

  • Chat

  • Video

  • Meetings

  • Documents


80% collaboration

The new business phone solution
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Simplifies Business Communication

Adding telephony to Microsoft Teams makes all calls to the company a part of the collaboration experience of the user. No matter how complex the call flow is, the user only relates to one app and the collaboration tools they already uses.

Solving business calling with
Microsoft Teams
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Apple changed mobile telephony
Microsoft changes business telephony
separate phone solution.png

IP-Telephony & Mobile​

Separate phone solution

  • Predefined function/features

  • Some integrations


  Microsoft teams


  Open API's​​

  • Teams store

  • BOT's

  • Call Centers

Build a long term solution with Teams
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