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Better and Professional call handling

Ctelo Business Phone for Microsoft Teams

The phone calls become collaboration and can be handled the same way on any device. 


Put calls on hold and bring it back


Transfer a call to a colleague when you see the presence status.


Ask in a chat or call if the colleague is available before transferring.


Pull a colleague into the conversation if you need assistance in answering a question.

Call people to include them in meetings

Call people on their phone number to make them join the meeting.


The Findit app is an easy way to find the availability of a colleague or a group. Just start typing in the search field and choose a colleague or a group from the list that pops up. This launches the high- level calendar availability of the person or group for today. Change to a different date if needed.

Week view is available. Hovering the picture or name displays contact information.

Screenshot 2022-04-04 at
Findit employee catalogue
Move calls between devices

A phone call can seamlessly be transferred between the devices you are logged into.

Easy Admin within Teams
Build a long term solution with Teams

With Ctelo Business Phone, all communication is handled in Microsoft Teams. Adding value to business processes using the Teams ecosystem becomes a long-term investment.

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