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CTELO powers Teams Telephony for Nortel customers

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

Microsoft Teams Nortel

The Norwegian mobile operator Nortel has chosen CTELO, the ROUTEAMS cloud service provider, to bundle mobile services with Teams Telephony for their customers.

"We were looking for a global cloud solution that could connect Nortel telephony services to Teams and at the same time could be used by our international customers for Teams Telephony at their offices outside Norway. With these requirements it was an easy and natural choice to work with CTELO.", explains Nortel CEO Christian Pritchard.

Nortel is a rising start in the Norwegian mobile operator landscape. The company is fast-moving, pragmatic and innovative in its approach to provide what the customers are asking for. Connecting Nortel telephony to Microsoft Teams has been high on the list of customer requirements and thus Nortel has executed.

It is great to have Nortel on board. "These guys are focussed and entrepreneurial in their take on customer satisfaction. They are the first mobile operator we have met that provide Teams Enterprise Voice to their customers as an equal offer to their own services. We are looking forward to working with them", CEO of CTELO Jon Sjølie replies.

ROUTEAMS is a global Microsoft Certified cloud service that adds mobile and fixed telephony to Microsoft Teams. It enables users to receive and make calls from the Teams client and add business telephony capabilities as for example receiving calls at the main number, switchboard, support-number and contact centers.


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