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Adonis: Ctelo connected our Ukrainian office to International Network

Adonis' HR systems are used by maritime customers in all continents. Both customers and their employees use Adonis systems around the clock. – The switchboard did not work in Ukraine, and Ctelo solved the problem for us, says Director of Business Development, Martin C. Kviteberg in Adonis.

"Our systems are tailor-made for maritime industries. Customer service is essential to us, and it is important that we have a solution that appears professional. We've always been very happy with Ctelo. And we particularly appreciate the human and direct follow-up," says Director of Business Development, Martin C. Kviteberg in Adonis.

Many users

In practice, Adonis operates personnel systems for all 65 customers from all continents. The mix of payroll runs, employee follow-up, schedules and flight bookings require high complexity and a need for professional customer contact at a sky-high level – 24/7.

"There are several thousand employees who are handled in our systems. There is also a need for document management across the organization and from the customers' employees," says the Director of Business Development.

"Teams are probably the most important tool we have today," he adds.

Poor call quality

Our dependence on Teams is why Ctelo is an important partner for Adonis. They solved a problematic tangle for us in Ukraine, where our solutions didn’t work well enough – regardless of the war in the country. Adonis had an office there long before the war broke out.

"The challenge was related to poor audio quality as well as the lack of a switchboard setup. Our telecom capability wasn’t adequate, so the customers experienced inadequate support. We didn't appear professional enough," Kviteberg emphasizes.

We experienced that Ctelo's core business is to help their customers get started with Teams Voice, where users intuitively may apply Microsoft Teams for all their communication needs.

Why Ctelo

The need for good phone solutions is important to us. Customers and their employees call 24/7 to ask for help. When they call, they are directed to the right country office, depending on the language they speak and the time of day.

Why couldn't you find a solution with Telenor?

"Previously we had Skype for Business delivered by Telenor. As we wanted a better solution with greater capacity and additional functions for Ukraine, they could not deliver what we wanted. We then had to look for an alternative solution, and found Ctelo," says Kviteberg.

"Our offices in the US and The Philippines now use the same system that we have in Ukraine. This implies that the most part of our organization and its customers now use the same system,"

Influenced by the war

Adonis has been in Ukraine for several years, and the war has directly affected our employees. This results in a new everyday life for many of Adoni's associates.

"For our company it has initiated a movement of our employees to the west of the country, and some have moved to Poland. Despite the circumstances it still is "business as usual" for those who can. As long as they have the internet and a laptop, they will work as usual, Kviteberg concludes.

FACTS: Adonis

  • Core business: Providing maritime organizations with integrated and scalable Human Resource Management and payroll systems that seamlessly coordinate and consolidate processes on land and at sea.

  • Offices: Høylandsbygd (HQ), Bergen (visiting office), Grimstad (development office), USA, UK, Brazil, Philippines, Austraila, Ukraine

  • Employees: About 65

  • Customers: Fjordline, Viking Line, P&O Ferries, DFDS, Crystal Cruises, Windstar Cruises, MAERSK Line, TEEKAY, American Steamship Company, Simon Møkster Shipping


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