Microsoft Teams Voice Modern Workplace



The core business of CTELO is to assist our customers in implementing Teams Voice in the best way. Then users can intuitively use Microsoft Teams for all their communication needs. This is only achieved by making telephony a natural part of how they collaborate. Employees can stop thinking about how to act on a call, no matter where it comes from; the reception, a support number, a Teams colleague or someone calling in from a mobile phone. Teams become the one solution that handles all interactions. The PC users also need less training and can quickly start collaborating with others more efficiently. Our goal is to contribute to a more intuitive and communicative day.

We are proud to assist many small, medium and large enterprises in entering the collaborative era. By creating an efficient business communication environment, we support their success in reaching the market with their own great products and service offerings. Below you see what some of them say about us.


Microsoft Teams Voice Customer

Harald P.
Chief Systems Engineer

We had a lot of issues with Skype for Business telephony quality at a large global telecom provider.


CTELO assisted us in moving to Teams with ROUTEAMS and in changing telcos globally. Since then the service quality and support have been excellent.

Microsoft Teams Voice Customer

Kjetil K.
Manager IT Support

We have been a CTELO customer for many years, and as a public company, we are required to have public tenders for the telecom services every 3rd year. This time we had to change to a different telecom provider.


As ROUTEAMS users this was really easy. The change had no impact on the Teams telephony setup and it had no cost for us to change.

Microsoft Teams Voice Customer

Marcel O.
Manager IT & Information Security

Whenever a question or issue arises with Teams telephony we know that the best competence is just an e-mail or phone call away.


The CTELO team responds quickly to find solutions for both telco and Teams related issues that we experience.


This is why we chose ROUTEAMS and not a Teams Telephony service directly from a Telecom Operator. 

Why Customers Choose Us?

Microsoft Teams Voice Value

Secure & Fast Setup

As a true cloud service the setup of the service is fast and simple. With a ten step guide and our ROUTEAMS Onboarding Tool it is almost no interaction needed for the basic setup. 

For highest possible security, setup and maintenance of the service is handled within the customer O365 environment.

Microsoft Teams Voice Value

Teams & Telecom Support

When telephony stops working, it is important to get assistance immediately.

Using the ROUTEAMS service for Teams Voice, our team instantly identify where the issue is and start working on the fix no matter if it is within Teams, the telecom operator or any other Voice connected service or device.

One contact point directly to the right competence.

Microsoft Teams Voice Value

Per user Price

ROUTEAMS is an add-on service to Office 365 with the same business model.

With a price per user per month and only a 1-month commitment, you can scale the number of users up and down and sign up for the service without any risk.